2016-2017 Welcome

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Dear Badminton Nova Scotia Community,

Well summer finally made it to Nova Scotia, and I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and managing to get lots of sun and relaxation before the start of a busy season.

This is my first letter to you all as President of Badminton Nova Scotia, and I hope that I will be able to continue the great work of Kerry, Leigh and all of the previous presidents to continue growing the sport of badminton within the province as well trying to bring as much competitive badminton to the province and region as possible.

The Badminton Nova Scotia board have been busy working over the summer months to organise the coming year and try and bring you as many high quality programs, services and events as possible.  This will be a long email, and I apologise for that, but there are lots of changes happening in the Badminton Nova Scotia Community and I want to ensure that you are all made aware of them and keep the communication channels between the BNS board and its members as clear and transparent as possible.


Membership fees for the coming year will be:

Recreational Membership                          – $20
Provincial Competitive Membership         – $40
National Competitive Membership           – $60
Coach & Official Membership                   – $20

The recreational membership gives the member access to 1 BNS Club Series OR Atlantic Series tournament.  If the member then wishes to play in another tournament, they will be required to upgrade their membership to the Provincial Competitive or National Competitive level.

The Provincial Competitive membership give the member unlimited access to all the BNS club and Atlantic Series tournaments

The National Competitive Membership is for any member who wishes to play in a Badminton Canada sanctioned tournament (Elite Series, Junior Nationals etc.) and this membership also gives the member unlimited access to all the BNS club and Atlantic series tournaments.

The Coach & Official Membership are for members who are coaches and officials, but will not be playing in any tournaments.  If the member has paid for any other type of membership, they do not have to pay any extra to be a BNS recognised coach and / or official.

This membership fee also includes the additional fee that Badminton Canada will be charging us this year to help them cover the costs of running the national tournaments as well as developing the sport within the country.

All memberships are now being managed directly through Tournament Software, and a member will NOT be allowed to enter for a tournament (BNS club / Atlantic or National) unless they are a current paid member of Badminton Nova Scotia.  You will need your BNS ID to register for your membership and  all tournaments.  If you do not remember your ID, please contact Jennifer at executive_director@badmintonns.ca  An email with some easy how to’s will be sent out later this month on how to transfer your current Tournament software account across, or set up a new one.


The season last year was a great year with increasing numbers at our tournaments especially in the B categories which are proving to be very popular.  Please continue to spread the word to other badminton players around the province and encourage them to come out and play at the tournaments in the B (or A if they feel they are up to it!) and we can hopefully keep the momentum moving forwards.

This year we are going to be running two series of tournaments in Nova Scotia.  There will be a BNS Club Series as well as the Atlantic Series tournaments.  Last year we trialled running a senior A and B alongside the junior circuit, and this proved to be very popular and as word spread the numbers increased.  So this year we are re-branding this to the BNS Club series.

There will be a U13, U15, U17, U19, Open A and Open B division in all of these tournaments.  Ranking points from the Open A group will be used to seed the Senior Provincial championships, and the ranking points from the U13, U15, U17 and U19 will be used for the Junior Provincial Championships.

The NS Club Series Tournaments will be:

–          Bridgewater Open
–          Antigonish Open
–          Truro Open
–          Sackville Open
–          Junior / Senior Provincials

The Atlantic Series is also changing as it will be adding a U15, U17 and Open B division to all of their tournaments.

The ATLANTIC SERIES Tournaments are:

–          Guy Martin OPEN
–          Scott OPEN
–          East Coast OPEN
–          Longard OPEN
–          Junior / Senior Atlantic Championships

There may also be some other tournaments organised throughout the year, but these will not be ranking tournaments and will as always be great fun.

Tournament Schedule

The tentative schedule for the BNS Club Series and the Atlantic Series are listed below.  All dates that are yet to be finalised have TBC against them, and they will be confirmed closer to the tournament date.  All tournaments will be managed through tournament software as it was last season.  As stated above, you will have to be a paid member BEFORE you are able to sign up for any tournaments.  If you have any problems with signing up for a tournament then please contact Jennifer at executive_director@badmintonns.ca and she will do her best to assist you.

BNS Club Series (Requires Recreational or Provincial Membership)

Oct 14-15 2016       Bridgewater Open                            Bridgewater

Nov 25-26 2016        Antigonish Open                             Antigonish (TBC)

Feb 10-11 2017        Truro Open (opt 1)                           Truro (TBC)

Feb 17-18 2017        Truro Open (opt 2)                           Truro (TBC)

March                         Sackville Open                                 TBC

Mar 31- Apr 2            Jr / Sr Provincials                             TBC

Atlantic Series (Requires Recreational or Provincial Membership)

Sept 16-18 2016       Guy Martin                                        University De Moncton (Moncton)

Oct 21-23 2016         Scott Open                                        Canada Games Centre (Halifax)

Nov 11-13 2016        East Coast Open                              University De Moncton (Moncton)

Jan 27-29 2017        Longard Open                                  Canada Games Centre (Halifax)

Apr 28-30 2017         Junior / Senior Atlantics               Nova Scotia.  (TBC)

National Events (Requires National Competitive Membership)

Sept 23-25 2016       Quebec Senior Elite Series                     Quebec City, QC

Dec 9-11 2016          Moncton Sr/Jr Elite Series                      Moncton, NB

Jan 6-8 2017             Toronto Senior Elite Series                    Toronto, ON

Jan 13-15 2017        Quebec Junior Elite Series                       Gatineau QC

Feb 1-4 2017            Canadian Nationals                                   Saskatoon, SK

Mar 10-12 2017        Ontario Junior Elite                                 Humber College, ON

Mar 17-19 2017        Canadian University College                  Quebec City, QC

Apr 3-8 2017            Canadian Masters                                     Winnipeg, MB

May 15-20 2017       Canadian U23 & Jr Nationals                Moncton, NB

Other BNS events

Jan 13-14 2017        Dead Of Winter Open                     TBC


We have had another very successful year for our ever growing number of officials.  A course was run at the Scott Open last year with 5 people attending.  We look forward to seeing all of these new officials as well as the existing ones at the BNS Club and Atlantic series tournaments in the coming year.  I think we are all in agreement that it’s great to have umpires at tournaments to help things move smoothly and keep control.

The other HUGE piece of news is that Nova Scotia now has 2 more National Level umpires.  Congratulations go to Áine Humble and Sheri Parks who were successful in passing their national assessments at the Junior National Championships that were held in Moncton in May.  They were subjected to a week long on court assessment as well as a written exam, however, it was nothing that they could not handle and both of them passed with flying colours.  I look forward to seeing Nova Scotia umpires at tournaments across Canada in the coming year.

For anyone who is interested in becoming an umpire, another course will be run this year at the Scott Open.  If you are interested, then please send an email to Coach_Officials@badmintonns.ca and your name will be added to a list.

High Performance Committee

In the summer of 2015 Badminton Nova Scotia worked with Sport Nova Scotia to develop a high performance plan for badminton.  This plan is a road map of how BNS is going to grow the competitiveness of players within Nova Scotia so that they can start to compete at a higher level both nationally and eventually internationally.  The funding that Badminton Nova Scotia received from Sport NS is based on the creation of the plan and eventually on the results.  The BNS board have been working hard over the past year to work through the action points on the plan.  The key highlights achieved over the past year are:

–          7 coaches trained to be Learner Facilitators for Competition Introduction (Regional and provincial)
–          Working together with Badminton NB, Badminton PEI and Badminton NFLD to set up a high performance group working with National Coach Mike Butler known as the Badminton Atlantic High Performance Initiative (HPI)
–          Provincial Team.  Continued development of the provincial team
–          Organised coaching for junior players at the Junior Nationals in Moncton

There is a long way to go with this plan, a lot of which depends on future funding from SNS, but we are hopeful that we will continue to grow and develop highly competitive players from Nova Scotia who will start to compete at a high level nationally.

Coaching Levels

The old NCCP coaching level 1 to 5 scheme has now been replaced.  Badminton Canada working along with the Coach Association of Canada (CAC) have developed a new coaching level structure.  The coaching structure has been split into three:

–          Community
–          Instruction
–          Competitive

Rather than go into all the details, if you want more information please look at the coach.ca website (http://www.coach.ca/badminton-p154508) and the Badminton Canada website (http://www.badminton.ca/page/31334/Coaching-Badminton) which explains in a bit more detail what is required to achieve each of the levels.

For existing coaches, I am still waiting for the official way they are going to handle the transfer of existing levels into the new system, but my guess would be:

–          Level 1 would move to Competition Introduction Regional
–          Level 2 would move to Competition Introduction Provincial
–          Level 3 would move to Competition Development

When I get the official word from Badminton Canada I will be sure to pass it along to all of you.

The other change that Badminton Canada are implementing is a coaching level requirement for on court access at national level tournaments.  From the start of the coming season, if a member coach want to coach on court at:

–           Junior or Senior Elite Series event, they will have to be Competition – Introduction Regional Certified
–          National Championship event (junior or senior) they will have to be Competition – Introduction Provincial Certified
–          Canada Games they will have to be Competition Development Certified

If you have any questions regarding the new coaching levels, then please do not hesitate to contact the Director of coaching & officials at Coach_Officials@badmintonns.ca …. I hear he’s a very nice man!

As mentioned briefly under the High Performance section, in July this year 7 people became trained in giving the Competition Introduction Regional and Provincial courses.  BNS would like to thank the following people for taking the time out of their schedules to attend the course and to help progress badminton within the province.

–          Elliott Beals
–          Mark Briscombe
–          John Gillam
–          Gary MacDougal
–          Sheri Parks
–          Robert Proctor
–          Patrick Thompson

We will be organising a coaching course for Introduction and Provincial level in the coming months, so please keep an eye on the website for the announcement or send an email to Coach_Officials@badmintonns.ca expressing your interest in attending a course.

In the coming months we are also hoping to be sending someone along to be trained in the Competition Development modules which will give Atlantic Canada the ability to train coaches to the next level without having to bring someone in from Ontario or beyond.

2019 Canada Games Coach

The search is on for the next Canada Games Coach.  The job posting for this position can be found here https://badmintonns.ca/2019-canada-winter-games-coach .  If anyone is interested in applying to become the Canada Games coach for the 2019 Canada Winter Games which will be held in Red Deer Alberta, please read through the job posting and send in your application with all of the required documentation. We are hoping to have the position filled by the end of the year to allow the new coach to start to work alongside the High Performance group to develop the next set of athletes for the next winter games.

The other Canada Games related news is that the age for athletes has been normalized for both men and women to be U23.  In previous years, the age limits had been different for men and women, but this restriction has now been removed.

So my apologies for the long message, but as you can see there is lots happening in the Badminton community in Nova Scotia, all pushing the sport forwards and onwards and upwards.  During the coming year there will still be lots of work continuing to push the level of badminton in the Atlantic region higher.  I hope that you all are looking forward to the coming year of badminton, and my email is always open if you have any thoughts or suggestions on ways of expanding the sport in the province.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I look forward to seeing you all on a court in the near future.


Mark Briscombe
President – Badminton Nova Scotia