Badminton Nova Scotia (BNS)

The Board of Directors are volunteer representatives of the members. The Board is elected to develop and oversee the implementation of policy necessary to safeguard and advance the interests and objectives of BNS. A Board is a team whose success depends heavily on the commitment and performance of the individual members.

Mission Statement of BNS

BNS is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of badminton for all Nova Scotians, at all levels. In this pursuit, BNS is committed to providing leadership and good governance for our sport. We will lead the growth of badminton and foster the pursuit of excellence in all players. We will provide an environment in which the sport of badminton can thrive, by offering quality services and innovative promotion to ensure that the needs of both current and potential players are met. The mission of the BNS is to promote, develop and administer the sport of badminton within Nova Scotia, emphasizing fair play and sportsmanship, while encouraging universal participation, operating within the guidelines of Badminton Canada.

Values Statement of BNS
  • All people have the right and are encouraged to participate in badminton.
  • Sporting excellence should be achieved through fair play, ethical and moral behavior.
  • Participation in badminton contributes to a healthier lifestyle and feeling of well-being.
  • BNS will promote fair play and participation, leadership and excellence in all badminton activities locally, provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve his/her maximal potential, developmentally and/or competitively, in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Badminton is a game that promotes the spirit of “Fair Play”.
  • Badminton is participant centered.
  • Everyone involved with the sport must conduct himself or herself with ethical behavior.
Vision Statement of BNS
  • Our vision is to make badminton the sport of choice among all Nova Scotians.
  • In fulfilling this mandate, BNS aspires to be a leader in sport development and exemplar of the highest social and personal values of sport.
  • BNS is a dynamic organization, which provides quality, player-centered development services.
  • Our organization strives to achieve excellence through trusting partnerships in an environment of fairness, integrity and respect, which values all participants.
  • Badminton will achieve a level of prominent visibility in Nova Scotia.
  • Provincial competitions will be popular and well attended.
  • The vision of the BNS is that people in Nova Scotia experience and enjoy the benefits of badminton.
  • BNS values the contributions of volunteers who are involved.
  • BNS advocates clearly defined and protected fundamental rights and responsibilities of participants in a “harassment free environment”, at all levels of the sport.