What is the NCCP?

BNS fully supports and encourages all our coaches to become a fully certified NCCP coach.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is an educational program aimed at upgrading the ability of coaching in Canada. It caters to the needs of all coaches, from the novice to master, and is available in both French and English.
The NCCP provides for five levels of certification. The first three levels, geared towards the coaches of developing athletes, are structured into three components:

  • THEORY general principles of coaching
  • TECHNICAL sport skills and techniques
  • PRACTICAL evaluation of coaching experience

Becoming Fully Certified

To enroll in the NCCP, you must be at least 16 years of age. Once you have completed one component of the program, you will receive a record of progress which is updated as more components are achieved.

Upon successful completion of all three components, you will receive the NCCP National Passport acknowledging full certification.

What Coaching Courses Will Do For You

The quality of coaching is an integral part of sport development. Parents, administrators, and athletes today are placing a greater emphasis on high standards of coaching education and leadership at all coaching levels. NCCP courses will build on your coaching knowledge to help you meet these expectations.

The standards set by the NCCP certification process are an effective means of raising community awareness of the qualifications, competence and talents of individual coaches.

Levels 4 and 5 are designed for coaches of high performance athletes and are determined by the respective national sport governing body.

Technical Coaching Courses

If you are interested in becoming a certified badminton coach, contact the BNS office and your name will be added to the course mailing list.

Level 1, 2 and 3 technical courses may be offered throughout the year. Check the BNS website, or contact the office, for the clinic nearest you. If you would like to request a clinic in your area, contact the BNS office.

 National Coaching Certification Program

Directory of Nova Scotia Badminton Coaches
As of July 2006

  • Terry Baker
  • Graham Bernard
  • James Beeler
  • Mike Cameron
  • Diane Charlton
  • Wendy Cooper
  • David Cutler
  • Alan Deacon
  • Patricia Demont
  • Judy Dewolfe
  • Dave Edmunds
  • Ryan Fahey
  • Gerorge Forsythe
  • Ken Forsythe
  • Joanne Fraser
  • Brette Fullerton
  • Janice Fullerton
  • James Grosvenor
  • William Harison
  • Keith Jackson
  • Donald Jacquard
  • Chris Jordan
  • David Knowlton
  • Dave Lawrence
  • Marc LeBlanc
  • Roderick Lemmon
  • Holly Power
  • Deborah Reardon
  • David Ritcey
  • Lynn Scott
  • Frederick Smith
  • Michelle Smith
  • Kevin Stevens
  • Michael Stewart
  • John Vanderweit
  • Karen Stadnyk
  • Craig Stadnyk
  • Craig Davidson
  • Ralph Fullerton
  • Rene Larocque
  • Michelle Hayward
  • Cheryl Myers
  • Nathan Myers
  • Michael Hingston
  • Donnie McKinnon
  • Sheri Parks
  • Donna Sim
  • Ken Smith
  • Andrew Harding
  • Mike Scott, Granville Ferry
  • Elliott Beals, Halifax
  • Gary MacDougall, Canning
  • Donna Simm
  • Mike Hingston
  • Michelle Hayward
  • Andrew Harding
  • Sheri Parks

NOTE: If you are not on the list, you have not completed the Theory or the Practical component. For more information on what you have to do to become certified, contact the BNS Office.