Coaching is KEY!

Once community weekly playtimes are established and learn to play programs are being requested, Badminton Nova Scotia can assist with developing competent, certified community coaches. 

Badminton Nova Scotia relies upon having enthusiastic volunteer community coaches who are either former athletes or parents/community members that contribute weekly to providing a quality badminton experience across Nova Scotia. Coaches begin at the community level and progress to supporting the development of high performance athletes who represent Nova Scotia at the Atlantic and National levels. All coaches in Nova Scotia are encouraged to become certified with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

For more information about scheduled NCCP coaching development courses, as well as ongoing learning and mentoring opportunities, please contact [email protected]

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Badminton & The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Badminton Nova Scotia and Badminton Canada encourages coaches to become a part of the NCCP. Formal coaching courses, developed by Badminton Canada and approved by the NCCP offer an educational program aimed at upgrading the ability of coaching in Canada. It caters to the needs of coaches at all levels of the sport – whether you are new to badminton or have 50 years of experience. Badminton Canada has designed a coach development pathway that Badminton Nova Scotia encourages coaches, umpires, athletes and parents to get involved with.  

To be eligible to coach on court at Badminton Canada National events, all coaches must meet the coaching requirements established and enforced by Badminton Canada.  Please see “Coaching Requirements In Canada” graphic as well as the official Badminton Canada Website linked below. 


Contact [email protected] for more information on scheduled courses.

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