Mission Vision Values

A Sport For Life

BNS is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of badminton for all Nova Scotians. As a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), member of Sport Nova Scotia (SNS) and member of Badminton Canada, Badminton Nova Scotia’s dedicated volunteer board of directors is committed to providing leadership, governance and services to our members and partners to grow our sport througout the province, regionally and nationally.

Read Badminton Canada’s “A Sport For Life”




Operating within the guidelines of Badminton Canada BNS is dedicated to promoting, developing and administering the sport of badminton within Nova Scotia encouraging universal participation in the spirit and principles of TRUE SPORT.



BNS is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of badminton for all Nova Scotians, at all levels.



Committed to providing leadership and good governance for our sport.

Provide an environment in which the sport of badminton can thrive, by offering quality services and innovative promotion to ensure that the needs of both current and future members are met.

Lead the growth of badminton and pursue and build a community culture of high performance and excellence



Our Goals

It takes planning a strategy to grow any organization. Below are the strategic goals of the organization. These goals encompass every facet of the organization. They require the input and support of a large volunteer base to become a reality.



We welcome everyone to join our community and enjoy badminton recreationally or competitively



Grow the organization by growing the membership base and support members of all ages and abilities.


Financial Responsibility

We are committed to applying for funding and working towards the securement of funding through strategic programs and initiatives. Moreover, our finances are transparent and visible to members.


Strategic Partners

Partnering with private and public organisation for the betterment of our membership and the implementation of our strategic plan.


Build High Performance

Continue to grow and develop high performance culture within our top athletes and coaches in collaboration with other sport organisations


Grow our volunteer base

Badminton Nova Scotia is a volunteer organisation and is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help us grow the sport and enrich our community