Badminton Nova Scotia is proud to offer many programs for all ages and abilities

Introduction to Badminton

Introduction to badminton is a program for children which introduces them to badminton as a recreation and social pasttime.

Contact the Canada Games Center for more information on their Junior Badminton Programs by clicking the link below.

Introduction To Badminton

Provincial Team

The Nova Scotia Provincial team is a high performance program for athletes of all ages who seek to represent nova scotia nationally and internationally.

Provincial Team

High Performance Initiative

The high performance initiative is a program developed with Badminton New Brunswick, Badminton NFLD and Badminton PEI. The program seeks to grow high level badminton in the Atlantic through cooperation.

High Performance Initiative

Provincial Team Objectives

The provincial team is the center of Badminton Nova Scotia’s high performance plan. It seeks to develop athletes who will become Nova Scotia’s representatives on the National and International Stages. It is our hope that every high perfomance badminton athlete in Nova Scotia will join the provincial team. 

Adhear to the LTAD Framework

Badminton Nova Scotia aims to provide a Training and Development experience for Junior Badminton Players/Athletes aligned with Badminton Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Framework – Badminton for Life.

Expose players to the 5 C’s Approach

Badminton Nova Scotia aims to ensure that the Provincial Team Program provides Badminton Players/Athletes within Nova Scotia a high performance support system as well as enhancing the profile and grassroots development of the sport of Badminton across the province.

Develop a System of High Performance Development

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Support our Community

Badminton Nova Scotia aims to provide a developmentally attentive, supportive and healthy environment where young people can have the opportunity to enhance their Developmental Assets by building skills, relationships, values and self-perceptions that all young people need to succeed in life and badminton.

Abide by the True Sport Pinciples

Badminton Nova Scotia aims to support and promote the True Sport Principles and is dedicated to the belief that good sport can make a great difference in our communities and province.

Why Join the Provincial Team?

The provincial continues to grow and evolve and is dedicated to following the Long Term Athlete Development framework created by Badminton Canada. Being on the provincial team benefits athletes, coaches, and the community. We strive to unite the top talent in our region to be the best we can be.


Some of the top coaches in the province are associated with the provincial team. The seek to better all members of the team and to provide diverse coaching methods for all athletes.

Eligible to Represent NS

Badminton Canada requires that all athletes at National Championships and Canada Games be sanctioned by their Provincial Sport Organization. Only athletes who are members in good standing of the provincial team are eligible for sanctioning.


We are committed to supporting our athletes in achieving their goals. Provincial team athletes who achieve excpetional levels of success maybe eligible for financial assistance for training or competitions.

How to Join the Team?

Joining the team requires athletes to compete in the provincial series tournaments. Athletes may be identified to join the team by a provincial team coach or can aproach any coach of the team if they wish to considared for the team.