Getting Started

Badminton = True Sport…

Badminton Nova Scotia promotes a welcoming community approach to sport development and is a member and promoter of the TRUE SPORT PRINCIPLES and MOVEMENT. As the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) we are members of Sport Nova Scotia (SNS) and Badminton Canada. Our community of members are of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. There is truly something for everyone!

“Making Badminton Canada’s Sport” and bringng Nova Scotians together for fun and fitness. JOIN BNS

Finding a Place to Play

Badminton can be played in recreation complexes, community centres, schools and private facilities. Checkout the list of places to play in your community or region. Please let us know if there are places that should be added to the list and we will update to ensure everyone knows where they can get out for a rally and a match.

Where to Play

Space & Time

The first step is to locate a school gym, community centre or other facility that has available weekly time for your community to learn and play badminton. Be sure to look at suitability of ceiling height with minimum obstructions and a floor that is well maintained and not slippery… safety first


Play Times

Playtimes are just that… when and where is badminton being played in your community and who are the community organizers. Sometimes it will be open playtimes at recreation complexes such as Canada Games Centre or Dalplex where have to be a member but can play when courts are open. Other communities it will need to be when the school gym is available and a school or community member is opening the gym for public playtime


Host a Program

Schedule and promote a TRY LEARN PLAY PROGRAM


Host an Event

Host a local recreation competition that offers recreational games/matches to meet new people to connect and play with in the future