Getting Started


Space & Time

The first step is to locate a school gym, community centre or other facility that has available weekly time for your community to learn and play badminton. Be sure to look at suitability of ceiling height with minimum obstructions and a floor that is well maintained and not slippery… safety first


Play Times

Playtimes are just that… when and where is badminton being played in your community and who are the community organizers. Sometimes it will be open playtimes at recreation complexes such as Canada Games Centre or Dalplex where have to be a member but can play when courts are open. Other communities it will need to be when the school gym is available and a school or community member is opening the gym for public playtime

Club Membership

Club Membership includes:
(Club organizers must provide BNS with a list of members and updates upon request)
Advertisement of tournaments and events on the BNS website
Eligible to host sponsored tournament events
Liability and accident insurance

Member clubs must abide by BNS, Badminton Canada and Badminton World Federation Bylaws and Laws of the Game.
 Drop-in clubs are required to maintain a log of nightly participants

Club Name
Postal Code
Practice Days
Locations of Practices
Club Members (Junior, Adult, All Ages)

Type Members Only, Drop-in BOTH


To be eligible for insurance, all members shall be participating as players, managers, coaches, trainers, executives, general members or officials in practice or competition in the sport under the supervision and direction of Badminton Nova Scotia.

This plan covers all accidents to:
• Members participating in a practice or competition in the sport;
• Members being transported with other player members and groups to or from the place of such practice or game; which is organized under the direction of Badminton Nova Scotia;
• Members while riding as a passenger, boarding or alighting from a flight on a multi-engine transport type aircraft operated by a licensed airline maintaining published schedules or a licensed charter airline; within the Territorial Limits as defined above.

For additional information and details please contact the BNS office.
Certificates of insurance coverage and letters of endorsement are available once the BNS receives payment in full and a copy of the clubs current membership list.
If an accident does occur, notify a BNS representative at the Tournament immediately!
Claims must go through the BNS office.
BNS Club Membership form 2013-2014 BNS club membership


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