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Badminton = True Sport…

Badminton Nova Scotia promotes a welcoming community approach to sport and is a member and promoter of the TRUE SPORT PRINCIPLES and MOVEMENT. We are the Provincial Sport Organization and partner of Badminton Canada
​We have participants of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. There is truly something for everyone!
“Making Badminton Canada’s Sport” found in Badminton Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Guide clearly states the opportunity for Badminton to unify Nova Scotians in a an exciting sport community.

BNS is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of badminton for all Nova Scotians, at all levels. In this pursuit, BNS is committed to providing leadership and good governance for our sport. We will lead the growth of badminton and foster the pursuit of excellence in all players. We will provide an environment in which the sport of badminton can thrive, by offering quality services and innovative promotion to ensure that the needs of both current and potential players are met. The mission of the BNS is to promote, develop and administer the sport of badminton within Nova Scotia, emphasizing fair play and sportsmanship, while encouraging universal participation, operating within the guidelines of Badminton Canada

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Finding a Place to Play

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