Start A Club

Facility Space & Time

The first step is to locate a school gym, community centre or other facility that has available weekly time for your community to learn and play badminton. Be sure to look at suitability of ceiling height with minimum obstructions and a floor that is well maintained and not slippery.

Practices, Training and Play

This is the main component! Where, when, and how is badminton being played at your club and who are the community organizers. It can look different from club to club.  Some may be coach led basic for beginner kids, other may be training and drills for experienced and competitive players, others may look like senior players playing fun doubles, and others may be organized open or drop in play times for players. Regardless of what it looks like and what kind of programming it all counts and helps grow the sport of badminton in Nova Scotia!


Consider who will be leading your program.  The most important piece is having someone knowledgeable and passionate about badminton in your community who can help build the club. You will need individuals to coach on court as well as individuals willing to help with planning, management, registration and finances.

Host an Event or Program

Once you get started, consider hosting a program or event! Host a local recreation competition that offers recreational games/matches to meet new people to connect and play with in the future or schedule and promote a grassroot or beginner program for children in your community to try, learn and play badminton.

Become a Member Club with Badminton NS

Once you consider these options and begin secure facility space, have coaches, and have an audience in mind you can become a member club of Badminton NS which opens up more doors for your coaches and players to participate in badminton! Learn more about becoming a member badminton club: