2017-2018 Badminton Nova Scotia AGM Minutes

2017-2018 Badminton Nova Scotia AGM Minutes

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2017-2018 Badminton Nova Scotia AGM
April 07, 2018

Board Members in attendance: Jordan Goodine; Robert Proctor, Mark Briscombe, Drew Hubley; Richard Bennicke; Bev White; Pat Thompson; Jennifer Petrie

Call to Order: 12:27pm

Approval of 2016-2017 minutes: Doug Reid Seconded by Richard Bennice

Old Business: Website is still under construction, we are hopeful that it will be complete this summer. If you have any comments or questions about the website please contact Jennifer at executive_director@badmintonns.ca

Annual Report:

We will be starting to do one annual report instead of multiple reports. The one report will have information from all positions on the board.

Summary of report. Full report is at end of minutes


  • Mark will be stepping down as President of BNS. He has enjoyed the past 7 years on the Board of Directors for BNS
  • He has seen lots of progress with growing our sport in NS
  • We are now having more contact with Badminton Canada, the East Coast is finally getting heard at the National Level
  • Chris White is on the Board for Badminton Canada, he may not live in NS anymore, but he is an East Coaster and will help us get our voice heard.

Board Structure:

  • A new position will be added to the BNS Board of Directors. Mark will be staying on the Board as Past President. His role will be limited, but he will be around for us to ask questions and to keep continuity
  • The board will be adding subcommittees to help us align with Badminton Canada
    • Revenue – Bev White and Jennifer Petrie
    • Member Numbers – Pat Thompson and Adele Pellerin
    • Competition – Drew Hubley
    • High Performance – Robert Proctor
    • Value Proposition – Nick Driscoll and Jordan Goodine
  • If anyone would like to assist the board in any of these groups, please contact Jennifer Petrie at executive_director@badmintonns.ca
  • If anyone has any ideas on any of the subcommittees, but doesn’t want to volunteer to join the group please send ideas to Jennifer at executive_director@badmintonns.ca al ideas are greatly appreciated

Coaching and Officiating:

  • Coaching and officiating clinics have been very well attended over the last number of years. We have successfully run 3 coaching courses and 1 officiating course this season
  • The courses have been run around the province: Middleton, Antigonish, and Bedford
  • We currently have 6 Learner Facilitators in NS
  • We have 2 new officials in NS. Aidan Babcock-Parks and Stephane Labrie
  • We would like to wish Kim Beals good luck at the upcoming Junior Nationals where she is being assessed for her National Accreditation
  • Mark will be going to Brazil for his assessments for Junior Pan Am

If you are interested in attending a coaching or officiating clinic, please contact Pat Thompson at coach_officials@badmintonns.ca


  • 2017 Yonex Scott Open and 2018 Yonex Longard Open both had over 150 athletes. Great to see our number of athletes increasing at our Atlantic Series Events
  • Open B division has seen the biggest increase in participants
  • Junior division is struggling to increase numbers
  • We need more volunteers to help with setup/take down at tournaments. If you would like to volunteer please contact Drew Hubley at senior_tournaments@badmintonns.ca


  • All of our tournaments broke even or made a slight profit.
  • Shuttles and facility costs are still the major risks when hosting large events
  • We are still relaying on the Canada Games Legacy grant to help with costs for the Atlantic Series Events, we need to find a way to access different sources of money as the money in the Legacy fund could run out at any time.

High Performance (HP):

  • We held 5 Provincial Team identification camps to help prepare for Atlantic Series Events
  • Our 2019 Canada Winter Games Coach is Elliott Beals our manager will be announced by the end of the month
  • We had our best results at National this season bringing home 3 medals
  • Collaboration with other provinces has been successful, this season we were unable to run as many clinics as we would like as Mike Butler has been selected as Badminton Canadas Coach.
  • Hopefully next season Mikes schedule will allow him to attend our HP training camps

Our season has been successful, but we still have room to grow. We have a great structure to continue building our great sport in NS

Questions from Annual Report:

No questions

2019 Canada Winter Games

  • Final team will be announced by the end of December

New Business

Truro (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus) will be hosting the CCAA after the Canada Winter Games. We hope you will come and show your support.

Election of Officers:

  • President

Mark has appointed Jordan Goodine as President of Badminton Nova Scotia

Director of Athlete Development – Robert Proctor
                Nominated by Doug Reid
Seconded by Aine Humble

Robert has accepted the position of Director of Athlete Development
Welcome back to the board Robert!

Director at Large – South Shore – Nick Driscoll

                Nominated by Mark Briscombe
Seconded by Bev White

Nick has accepted the positon of Director at Large – South Shore
Welcome back to the board Nick!

Director at Large – HRM – Adele Pellerin

                Nominated by Bev White
Seconded by Mark Briscombe

Adele has accepted the position of Director at Large – HRM
Welcome back to the board Adele!

2018-2019 BNS Board of Directors


Approval of 2018- 2019 Board of Directors

Dave Hyson
Seconded by Nigel Power


Motion to adjourn 12:49pm

Richard Bennicke
Seconded by Mark Briscombe

2017-2018 AGM Minutes


Presidents Report

Good afternoon,

Welcome to my last “state of the union” as president.  Just in case you were not reading emails, I will be standing down from the presidency position today.  I have had a great time over the last 7 years working with various boards, presidents etc. trying to help badminton grow in the province and get Nova Scotia onto the radar of Badminton Canada.  This will be a short report, as I have put most of the information into the email that I sent out yesterday which is also posted on the BNS Face book page, so please go and take a look and read through that for a lot more detailed information.

So the last year has been another good year for badminton in Nova Scotia.  From a presidential position I have been working lots with Badminton Canada getting East coast voices and opinions heard in the national discussion.  We are in a fortunate position that we also have Chris White on the board of directors at badminton NS, and even though he is now living in Manitoba, he is always representing us and making sure that we are not forgotten.

We have also been involved with some of the strategic planning for Badminton Canada which again allows us to keep our voice heard on the national level.  This is hopefully something that will continue in the future and we as a province will be able to benefit from programs that the national body are putting into place.

Board Structure

After discussion with the board, it was decided that a new position of past president would be created.  This position is obviously for the outgoing president, and will be a non-voting position on the board.  The idea for this position is for continuity of hand over to the new president.  This will allow the new president the opportunity of asking any questions about decisions made during the previous tenure.


Over the last 3 months, the board has been working to align some working groups with those created by Badminton Canada.  The issues that Bad Can are facing at a National level are also mirrored at a provincial level, and so we decided to mirror their groups so that we can maximise from any national initiatives that come out.  The five committees and their board chairs that have been formed are:

  • Revenue – Bev White / Jennifer Petrie
  • Member numbers – Pat Thompson / Adele Pellerin
  • Competition – Drew Hubley
  • High Performance – Robert Proctor
  • Value Proposition – Nick Driscoll / Jordan Goodine

To assist the board in each of these groups we are asking for your (the members) assistance.  Your ideas / thoughts and inputs will allow the groups to get a broader understanding of the needs and concerns of the badminton population in Nova Scotia and will hopefully mean that the outcomes of the groups will be beneficial to badminton across the province.

If you think that you have any ideas or thoughts or expertise in any of these areas, I urge you to get involved with these groups and help the board members to develop plans to make things better.  If you are interested in volunteering, then please contact Jennifer Petrie who will put you in touch with the relevant board member.  If you do not wish to volunteer for a group, but you have some thoughts or input that you feel are relevant to a group, then again, please forward these to Jennifer who will pass them on for you.  I thank you all in advance on behalf of the board for your assistance and help with these committees.

Now onto a quick over view of the other areas.

Coaching and Officials

Over the last year we have run 3 coaching courses (two comp intro regional and 1 comp intro provincial) and 1 umpire course in the province.  The courses have been run around the province in Middleton, Antigonish and Bedford by our wonderful Learner Facilitators.  As mentioned in previous years, we now have 6 Learner Facilitors in the province who are able to deliver the Competition Introduction courses and 1 who can deliver the Competition Development course (old level 3).  There will be more Comp intro and also the first comp dev course coming up in the next 6-8 months, so if you are interested in attending, please get in touch with Pat Thompson, and keep an eye on your emails and BNS Facebook page for announcements.

For officials we welcome Aidan and Stephane to the fold of umpires!  I hope that they continue to enjoy the role and to progress upwards in the ranks.  Would also like to wish Kim Beals good luck at the coming Junior Nationals where she is being assessed for her National Accreditation.  I know that she will do great.  I am also going for assessment at the Junior Pan Americans in Brazil this year, and I am turning off the water supply to my house before I leave this time so that there are no floods this time!!


Tournament Summary


We hosted the Longard and the Scott this year with both tournaments achieving 150+ athletes. The major growth is in the B divisions. The A divisions are roughly unchanged year over year with large 32 or small 64 draws in MS. Women’s event continue to struggle with numbers. Overall Junior divisions are struggling with attendance.


All tournaments this year broke even or better. Thus, tournaments have been a net financial gain for the organization. Shuttle and facility costs continue to be a major risk when hosting large events such as the Longard, Scott, or Atlantics. The Atlantic Series tournaments continue to be reliant on the CG legacy fund to be financially viable.

Successes and Opportunities


The Longard had good volunteer involvement the Scott Open did not. Volunteer involvement is essential for these events as they are far too large for one person to organize and operate. Keep in mind that for tournaments to continue we need broad community support. Moving forward I will be sending out volunteer signup sheets for people to enter the times they can help. Most volunteering is needed at the start and end.


This year we have made money at all tournaments. This will help support other strategic goals of BNS such as promotion, coaching, and High Performance.


As previously mentioned tournaments are dependent on the CG legacy fund to be viable. The security of this funding source is unknown. I believe that sponsorships are a largely untapped source of revenue that could help BNS offset any disruption in the CG funding.


We have a new website and soon an updated Rules and Reg. document.


Overall, I’m very happy with how tournaments have been running. The level of play and fun at the events is great I will be in this role for another year at least.


High performance

BNS High Performance Team

During the last year, 5 provincial team identification and development sessions were held across the province, running alongside the Provincial Series tournaments.  These sessions are used to help coach players and prepare them for the Atlantic Series tournaments as well as any national level tournaments that they may attend.

This coming year is a busy one for us as its Canada Games year.  Elliott Beals was named as the 2019 Canada Winter Games coach and has joined the BNS high Performance provincial team as an associate coach in preparation for the identification and selection of team members who will represent Nova Scotia at the 2019 Canada Games in Alberta.

The 2017 National Junior and U23 championships were held in Moncton, and Nova Scotia put out its biggest ever team to go and compete.  26 athletes and 6 coaches attended the event which is fantastic.  All the athletes competed well and we could see a marked improvement in their performance against players from the stronger provinces, and more main round matches were won than in previous years.  It was also the team’s best performance winning medals in 3 separate events / age groups.

Going into the championships Miklos Kanyasi, Trevor Hayne and Thomas Ashton were ranked in the top 10 in Canada and Miklos received seedings in all 3 of his events (singles, mens doubles, and mixed doubles).  The medals won were:

  • U15 Mens Doubles BRONZE medal, Trevor Hayne (Antigonish) & Thomas Ashton (Halifax)
  • U19 Mens Singles SILVER medal, Miklos Kanyasi (Wolfville)
  • U23 Womens Doubles BRONZE medal, Renee Proctor (Antigonish) & Sarah Newman (Halifax)


Following on from these results, and other results at national level competitions throughout the year, Miklos Kanyasi was selected and invited to Team Canada to compete in the annual Pan American Championships held in Markham in July / August 2017.

In addition Miklos was also selected and invited to attend the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Junior Championships as part of Team Canada in Indonesia which was held in October / November 2017.


Badminton Atlantic HPI

The Badminton Atlantic HPI sessions continue to utilize the skills and knowledge of the Badminton Canada head coach Mike Butler.  A camp was held in Moncton in January 2017, but due to Mikes commitments to the national team, further sessions have been hard to plan.  However, we are still in touch with Mike on a regular basis to learn from his experiences at the national and international levels.


To sum up, the previous year was a great year in terms of progression for Badminton within the province, and we will continue to push forwards with our limited funds, highlighting the areas that we think will give us the most return on our investment.  We look forward to another great year at national level events, and continuing to see the strength of our badminton player’s increase.