Atlantic Series Tournaments New Format Explanation

Atlantic Series Tournaments New Format Explanation

October 9, 2018 BNS News 0

Dear Badminton Community,

Badminton Nova Scotia and Badminton New Brunswick are working to improve Atlantic Series tournaments. To improve our competitions, we have some exciting new changes for the 2018/2019 season.

The Atlantic Series tournaments have been single elimination with Open A, Open B, and Junior events since their inception. Many comments have been received regarding entry criteria, opponent diversity, and only being guaranteed two matches. These issues are not unique to Atlantic Canada and exist nationally.

Badminton Atlantic has been working with Badminton Canada to resolve these outstanding issues. Thus, the Atlantic Series and National Elite Series events will be aligned and have the same format moving forward.

The Open A and Open B events will be merged into a single open draw using an “ABCD” format. Using this format, all athletes in open events will be guaranteed 3 matches. Additionally, the selection of draw (A, B, C or D) is based on performance in the first two rounds of the tournament.

Essentially, the tournament will operate as follows:

Win First 2 roundsOpen A
Win First Lose secondOpen B
Lose First Win SecondOpen C
Lose First Lose SecondOpen D


We believe that this new format will result in a more enjoyable experience for all. Players will get more matches and more diversity in opponents.

The final tournament is the season is the Atlantic Championship, being a championship event, Open events will be single elimination as they were prior to this season. There will be additional regulations to ensure fair play for the A and B draws. All athletes who achieve a berth in the A draw during the season must play Open A at the Championships. All other athletes will have the choice of A or B.

The final change is the addition of U13 to all tournaments. We want our tournaments to be open and enjoyable for everyone.

Finally, we will be working very hard to provide a seamless badminton experience. Be patient with us as we try to perfect this new format. We always welcome feedback and hope that these changes address issues in the badminton community.

If you have concerns or ideas, please contact me at



Drew Hubley                                                                         Daryl Beers
Senior Tournament Director                                           Vice President Southern New Brunswick
Badminton Nova Scotia                                                    Badminton New/Nouveau Brunswick