Lifetime Achievement Award


  • 2003 Robert Higgins, Kentville
  • 1995 Annie Longard, Halifax (posthumously)
  • 1994 Gladys Longard, Halifax


To be awarded to those persons who have provided long time service to the Association in a significant manner.

BNS members can nominate a candidate. Approval to grant such awards shall be given by the Board of Directors. Life membership will be awarded at an appropriate time.


This award has been in existence since 1978 and is awarded to persons (currently active or inactive) who have served on the provincial level in any capacity for ten years or more with one sport.

BNS members can nominate a candidate. The decision, up to five per year, shall be made by the Board of Directors. The award will be presented at the SNS Sport Celebration Day Awards Luncheon in November. BNS will purchase the recipient’s banquet ticket.

Volunteer of the Year


  • 2003 Gillian Allan, Pugwash
  • 2001 Gerry Vrbensky, Halifax
  • 2000 Gerry Vrbensky, Halifax
  • 1999 Steve Tasker, Halifax
  • 1996 Debbie Campaigne, Sackville
  • 1995 Lynn Scott, Annapolis
  • 1994 Mike Scott, Annapolis
  • 1993 Joe Martell, Antigonish
  • 1992 Henny Rykers, Bedford
  • 1989 Janice Fullerton , Parrsboro
  • 1988 Sheri Parks, Bedford

Jeff Hebert Memorial Award


  • 2011 Thomas Ashton Abby Kidd`U12 Harry Cotaras Abby Forsyth U14 Riley Shewan Rebekah Strang Colin U16 Cynthia Charlton U19
  • 2010 Renae Shewan Kevin Stadnyk Roselyn Bevis David Mills Jennie Newman
  • 2009 Ramona Matt Shillington
  • 2008 Kalvin Hirtle Sara Hirtle
  • 2007 Kevin Stadnyk Sydney Ferguson
  • 2006 Jerry Zhang, Antigonish Grace MacKenzie, Pugwash Ian Manning, NKBC Ben Hayes, NKBC
  • 2005 Blaine Reid, Pugwash Paul Manning, Pugwash Heather Murray, Annapolis Royal Brent Barkhouse, NKBC
  • 2000 Jarred Nix, Pugwash Jeff Cox, Pugwash Tammy Salkus, Dartmouth Edmund Tan, Halifax
  • 1999 Robbie McGrath, Pugwash Ian McCarthy, Dartmouth San Stewart, Bridgetown Krista Rutledge, Truro
  • 1998 Lee Patriquin, Dartmouth Nicole Hamm, Halifax Josh White, Dartmouth Seth Wheeldon, Wolfville
  • 1997 Mark Scott, Halifax Blair Gillis, Pugwash Kristy Power, Cole Harbour
  • 1996 Allison Howie, Dominion Seth Wheeldon, Wolfville Josh McGarvey, Digby
  • 1995 Jennifer Priddle, Pugwash Josh McGarvey, Digby Mark Chaisson, Cole Harbour
  • 1994 Liette Foy, Clare Kim Hua, Wolfville Mark Chaisson, Cole Harbour
  • 1993 Joey Scott, Annapolis Barb Kerr, Cole Harbour Stephen Martel, Antigonish


To be awarded annually to four athletes (one in U12, U14, U16 & U19) for Most Sportsmanlike Athlete. The recipients must exemplify the “Fair Play Code”.


RESPECT at all times for participants, coaches, officials, teammates, spectators, opponents, administrators and volunteers.

SPORTSMANSHIP prior to, during and following the activity, demonstrating modesty in victory and composure in defeat. KNOWLEDGE of all rules whether written or unwritten and following the spirit of all rules. ACCESS for all to participate regardless of age, gender, race, color or level of skill. PARTICIPATION in a manner that demonstrates more than just the desire to win. Having fun, making friends, improving skills and performing your personal best must be just as important when participating. All athletes at the Provincial Championships will have one vote each (in their age category) and the athletes (male or female) with the most votes will receive the award. The award will be presented at an appropriate time.


To Determine Male and Female Athletes of the Year

AREA Points awarded per event 1st 2nd semi quarter Senior Provincials / Junior Provincials 20 15 10 5 Senior Atlantics / Junior Atlantics 20 15 10 5 National Grand Prix Event 20 15 10 5 National Championship 20 15 10 5

Male/Female Athlete of the Year


  • 2012 Chris Ross Truro, Claire MacDougall Centerville
  • 2011 Kevin Stadnyk Lower Sackville, Tineke Vanderweit Windsor
  • 2010 Elliott Beals Dartmouth, Tineke Vanderweit Windsor
  • 2009, 2008 Andrew Harding Halifax, Tineke Vanderweit Windsor
  • 2007 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 2006 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 2005 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Ilana Vanderweit Windsor
  • 2004 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 2003 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Ilana Vanderweit Winsdor
  • 2003 Peter Speight Bridgewater
  • 2002 Ajit Sidhu Lower Sackville, Nicole Hayward Bridgewater
  • 2001 Joey Scott Annapolis, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 2000 Joey Scott Annapoli,s Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 1999 Rick Murphy Yarmouth, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 1998 Joey Scott Annapolis, Ayesha Misquith Halifax
  • 1997 Joey Scott Annapolis, Shirley Thomson Halifax
  • 1996 Cory Gillis Truro, Kim Hua Wolfville
  • 1995 Joey Scott Annapolis, Liette Foy Clare
  • 1994 Joey Scott Annapolis, Kim Hua Wolfville
  • 1993 Not awarded
  • 1992 Peter Speight Bridgewater, Tarrah MacPherson Antigonish
  • 1991 Elliott Beals Dartmouth, Susan Rogers Halifax
  • 1990 1989 Chris Beck Antigonish, Tanya Hudson Cole Harbour
  • 1988 Ken Hudson Cole Harbour, Tanya Handerick Cole Harbour
  • 1987 Rick Murphy Yarmouth, Carolyn Merritt Halifax