BNS AGM 2021 Update

BNS AGM 2021 Update

May 29, 2021 Announcements 0


We would like to remind you that our AGM is tomorrow May 30th at 7PM ADT. We hope to see all members tomorrow night as we talk about how BNS is working hard to grow the organization and community. The complete information on the AGM can be found in our previous post here: BNS 2021 AGM

We have some new nominations to announce as well:

Adele Pellerin, currently our current Director at Large Capital, has been nominated to take on the role of Community Engagement and Member Services which is currently vacant.

Sarah Armstrong has been nominated as Director at Large Capital.

Chris Framp has been nominated to be Director at Large Western.

We would like to thank our current Director at Large Western, Kevin O’Keefe, for his many years in the community as an avid coach and volunteer as he departs the board.

Thank you Kevin!

Finally, please see the amended agenda below:

  • Call to order;
  • Establishment of Quorum;
  • Approval of the Agenda;
  • Adoption of Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting;
  • President’s Report;
  • Financial Report;
  • Board, Staff and Committee Reports;
  • Approval of new Bylaws
  • Election of new Directors;

We hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

Badminton Nova Scotia