Explanation of Ranking System

Explanation of Ranking System

October 24, 2017 Announcements 0

Dear Members,

This season is bringing in many new changes as was mentioned in the President’s email earlier this month. I’m excited to say that the tournament circuit is no exception. This year we have completely reworked the ranking system and we are striving to better the format of our tournaments. More exciting developments are coming!

Firstly, we have completely changed the ranking system used both in Nova Scotia and at the Atlantic Level. The previous ranking system was divided by age category; this made ranking athletes difficult when they were competing in multiple categories. The new system allocates points to each round of each category U13 to Open A according to the table at the end of this document. Note that U19 and Open B receive the same point allocations.

The system will allow us to solve the issue of players moving between categories and will allow tournament directors to accurately seed players. All points are worth the same value, higher levels of competition simply receive more points in each round. Another addition is ranking points are now being given to recognize wins in consolation rounds. A person who loses two consecutive matches receives no points however.

The Scott Open was seeded using this ranking system applied to last year’s results. Currently, the Atlantic Championships are worth the same number of points as all other events. This is still being debated and we welcome your opinion.

Secondly, this year brings a shift in the Atlantic Series format in Nova Scotia. I’m happy to say that this year is the biggest Scott Open we’ve hosted thus far. Additionally, we have adopted a format which has all the semi-finals for all events occurring on Saturday afternoon and finals remain on Sunday. I’m excited to see how this works and hope to see high quality matches and many spectators.

If you have any questions or opinions email me at [email protected]


Drew Hubley
Senior Tournament Director
Badminton Nova Scotia