Facility Regulations for Scott Open 2021

Facility Regulations for Scott Open 2021

October 22, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Only entrance to the gym will be through the lower front entrance – athletes, coaches and spectators will be asked to provide POV each time they enter the building to our staff stationed at that entrance.

-Masks are mandatory at all times except when on court, warming up, and playing a match.

-If eating, please find a distanced seat away from others.

-The stage gym will be set up with a court which can be used for warmup. There are bikes and ellipticals available for everyone to use (must be 14 years or older) for warm up and cool down on the stage and behind the bleachers. Please use the spray bottles and cloths provided to wipe down equipment after use.

-Gym will open at 7:15am tomorrow, main locker rooms are available for change rooms.

Please be available 30 minutes prior to your first game. Shuttles will be available for sale at the facility for $30 a tube. Cash only.

Also, there will be a Covid safe table of individually wrapped baked goods for sale for $1 each, cash only. The profits from the sale of these baked goods will go toward the Provincial badminton team.

Safe travels.