Tournament Day

Tournaments are large events attracting hundreds of people. It takes a team of people to prepare and execute a tournament. Find out how to make tournaments in Nova Scotia even better!

Draw Desk

The draw desk is a place of constant activity. A smooth tournament requires an orgnanised draw desk!

Draw Desk

Preparation and Conclusion

Setting up nets and laying courts is a huge task which cannot be completed by one person. We are always looking for help with these tasks!

Prep and Conclusion

Line Judges

All players enjoy having line judges. They help a match run smoothly and players enjoy not having to call lines.

Line Judges

Tournament Preparation and Conclusion

Laying courts, setting out chairs, putting up nets, and more… These are all essential tasks when preparing tournaments. We are always looking for extra hands to assist with these tasks at atlantic series events. If interested contact Badminton Nova Scotia through the link below!

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Draw Desk

The draw desk is the center of any tournament. It requires organisation and patience. At the draw desk you could be answering questions, entering scores or calling matches. If interested contact Badminton Nova Scotia through the link below!

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Line Judges

It is a goal of Badminton Nova Scotia to continuously improve our events. We feel that having line judges at Semi Final and Finals matches for all draws is a step towards higher quality events. If you’re interested in becoming a line judge contact us below!

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Community Volunteers

The basis of all sports is the community built around them. We are always looking for volunteers to asist fellow volunteers who promote our amazing sport!

Become a Coach

Many coaches aren’t former or current players. Being a coach isn’t about being able to play badminton; rather it’s about having a love for sport and building community!

Become a Coach

Start a Club

The basis of our organization is clubs. Anyone can start club all you need is a gym, polls, and nets. The players will come. Badminton Nova Scotia will asist anyone who wishes to start a club.

Start a Club

Join Badminton Nova Scotia

Badminton Nova Scotia itself is a volunteer organization. As such, we are always looking for new volunteers primarily for the board of directors.

Join Badminton NS

Want to be a Coach?

Becoming a coach is easy and highly rewarding. Coaching has many forms ranging from club facilitator to the Provinicial Team High Performance coach and everywhere in between. The only prerequist for being a coach is a love of sport. We recommend all coaches get NCCP certified but this is optional. If you wish to become a coach at a pre-existing club please see the club directory and see below if you want to start a club!

Club Directory

Want to Start a Club?

Do you want to play badminton in a community with no badminton club? You could start a club. All you need is gym time and nets and poles. Contacts us for more information on starting a club and BNS club memberships!

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Volunteer for Badminton Nova Scotia

Badminton Nova Scotia has many volunteer positions ranging from administrative to manual labour. We welcome all who wish to help as many hands make light work! Contact us to learn how you can help bring badminton to all Nova Scotians!

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